The places to visit in Portugal and the things to do are limitless. So, the dilemma begins: how to choose between North and South? Our travel advice will help you find the right decision!

Okay, now you know that’s a great time to visit Portugal. But let’s admit it you’re a little bit confused about what to visit. Should you go North or visit the South?

It’s all about your preferences. Let’s find out where you should start to travel to Portugal.

Do You Prefer to Be Inside or Outside?

Inside: Probably you’ll find the North cozier. Porto, for example, has a lot of places you can visit like museums, castles, markets and so on. In Alcobaça, Batalha and Óbidos you’ll find beautiful castles and monasteries but also emblematic Portuguese sites.

The Alcobaça Monastery is a great place to spend a full day inside - discovering all its secrets!

Outside: Go South! As most of the time the weather is great, the south is perfect for those who enjoy a trip in the sun. There’s a lot of characteristic places you must visit. Alentejo has the most beautiful plains full of olive trees. As well as Algarve, with its sapphire crystal sea.

When You’re on a Holiday do You Prefer: Beaches or The Countryside?

Beaches: Algarve at the South will amaze you! Of course, the North has a couple of naturally dazzling beaches, but Algarve is famous because of the white sand and warm waters. Tavira, Monte Gordo, Altura and Manta Rota are just a few of them that are truly well-known by their beauty. A lot of celebrities choose Algarve for Summer Holidays, why wouldn’t you?

Algarve beaches are famous worldwide, and no wonder why. Have you ever seen such a beautiful beach in any other place?

Countryside: Go up to the North! Have you ever seen a lovelier green location than in the Douro Valley? Vineyards climb the hills of the valley to paint the most magical landscape you’ll ever see.

Do You Prefer Winter or Summer?

Winter: If you don’t like the heat, the North is your number one choice. The climate is Atlantic, which means the sea moderates the presence of the heat, so it’ll never be too hot. And so, you can enjoy and visit monumental cities as Viseu, Aveiro and Porto without a drop of sweat.

Viseu is this amazing place on the North waiting for you to visit next Winter!

Summer: So, you’re a Summer lover… the south is your best bet. It’s normal in the end of July and August to experience temperatures between 25-40º C. You’re able to enjoy bike rides and fly a kite whenever you want.

When the Food Arrives at your Table, do You Prefer to See a Tasty Fish or a Delicious Steak?

Tasty fish: down to the South! The fresh fish from the many markets of Algarve is served in a bunch of different forms. Octopus salad, grilled fish, marinated fish, tuna salad… The list goes on and on. Oh, and the famous “cataplana de peixe” which is a special way to cook seafood and fish. 

The "Cataplana de Peixe" is an amazing and delicious portuguese fish dish and you must try it on your next getaway to Algarve!

Delicious Steak: North, north, north! The North is famous for its meats and ways to cook it. For example, in Porto you can try “Francesinha” which is a special sandwich with different meats and a juicy sauce. But also “cozido à portuguesa”, a bunch of different cooked meats, sausages, served with potatoes and greens. 

Your Sport is Golf or Is It More Radical?

Golf: Algarve and the South are recognized for their golf courses. A lot of foreigners come to the South to try its green fields and to relax while playing golf.

In the South you can find some amazing Golf courses!

Radical: The north part of the country is perfect for you to discover Portugal. A lot of adventure parks have water sports along with climbing and paintball. If you’re looking for an adventure try the Arouca Adventure park, for example.

And if you need more tips and useful information about Portugal, contact our experienced team and travel now! 


Patrícia Caetano


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