The winter in Portugal allows you incredible city breaks and adventurous travels. And we selected 5 amazing places for an incredible retreat for this season. Discover them now!

If you are passionate about exploring new places during the winter season, then why not travel to Portugal?

Whether for a long holiday or just a winter getaway, we show you 5 fascinating cities, where even in the cold you can feel the warmth of the people, the monuments, the culture, the history, the landscapes and the famous gastronomy that you will find.

Here are our suggestions for winter destinations that won’t let you down:


This location is essentially about nature. Now it's up to you to choose between relaxation or adventure depending on what you like. The thermal waters of Gerês are famous for their healing properties and the National Park of Peneda-Gerês with several protected species will amaze you.

National Park in Gerês

You will also feel embraced by this rural environment, trails, and sightseeing spots which date back to Roman times. And if you are lucky and it is cold enough, you will have… snow! And then you just need to let your imagination run wild and have a lot of fun with it.


City of the famous and unparalleled Port Wine and Humanity's Cultural Heritage. Here, visiting a Port Wine Cellar and tasting the delicious and fortified Port Wine must be on your bucket list. You will see both the most modern and trendiest, as well as the most historic and ancient sites of the second-largest city in Portugal.

Douro river in portuguese winter

Stunned, is how you will feel once you admire its magnificence. There will be monuments of various styles to choose from, and the beautiful riverbanks of this city will make you feel as if you were on the inside of a painting. Find out more reasons to visit Porto this Winter!

Serra da Estrela

This is a very medieval place and here you most likely find snow, which means you will be able to practice snow sports if you are into that. There is a waterfall named the Hell Well that you must see and also a Bread Museum that will make you feel as if you were part of a movie.

Serra do Estrela Natural Park

The Tower at the summit and the typical stone houses are idyllic. There is also a typical cheese that you must taste, the Serra da Estrela cheese, preferably with the traditional bread. All landscapes here look like beautiful winter postcards. You will feel like traveling back in time!


When we hear this name the first words that come to our minds are “University” and “Students”. That’s because this city is the city of students. But it is so much more than that! It is also a World Heritage and there are castles, convents, ruins, monasteries, colleges, and museums to discover and explore.

Sunny winter morning with the Mondego river in Coimbra


Braga and Guimarães

Besides the wonderful natural landscapes Minho Region offers, you will be able to stroll through two impressive historic city centers (Braga and Guimarães). If you love adventure and discovery, become an explorer and visit Guimarães Castle, the house of the very first king of Portugal. Imagine what it will be like to stand where he ate, where he used to sleep, to rule!!!

Feel like a king for a day! But there is a lot more to discover in the ancestral city of Braga. The great Cathedral and the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus are both mandatory stops.

Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga

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